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Title: Enhancing the Onion Name System for Darknet
Authors: Maduranga, G. A. A.
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Abstract The surface net as a whole does not provide the capabilities for an individual to share all kinds of information without having to take responsibility for the content posted by the individual. In a place where surface net fails, darknet prospers. Individuals with the need to share information with plausible deniability use darknet to achieve this end of the goal. However, the usability issues of the darknet act as a continuous hindrance to the use and growth of darknet. Thus, there is a requirement for a secure, decentralized name system for darknet, to overcome the above issue. In this document, the Onion Name System (OnioNS) is considered as a possible candidate to overcome the above-mentioned issues. Primarily the security concerns OnioNS introduces to the Tor network is analysed. Special concern is given to the possibility of time analyses attacks that could be carried out on the Tor network due to restrictions imposed by the OnioNS. The concerns raised are addressed in this dissertation and a method to overcome them is introduced. A novel hash tree data structure is introduced as the core component of the proposed solution. The proposed solution is analysed in order to guarantee that it is capable of implementing all the features of the OnioNS while minimizing the security threats the existing system imposes on Tor network. Further analysis of the novel solution is discussed in order to identify if the solution introduced has implemented any additional vulnerabilities to the Onion Name System or the Tor network.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3940
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