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Title: Analyse Near Collision Situations of Ships Using Automatic Identification System Data Set
Authors: Chathuranga, W.T.
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Ship-to-ship collisions is an area of interest for many stakeholder groups such as ship owners, regulatory authorities and insurers etc. Ship-to-ship collisions has significant effect on marine causalities. Many researchers have found different methodologies of analysing ship-to-ship collisions. However, analysing actual ship-to-ship collisions is limited by the number of data points available. As a solution, this study utilises the high data availability in near collision situations based on the fact that near collisions are more common than the actual ship-to-ship collisions. This paper studies the near ship-to-ship collision situations using Automatic Identification System (AIS) data set. First part of the study defines a near collision criterion by evaluating existing ship domains available. Evaluation of ship domains includes mathematical ship domains, statistical ship domains and hybrid domains. The selected ship domain is a hybrid model which considers both static and dynamic characteristics of the own ship and the target ship such as Speed Over Ground (SOG), Course Over Ground (COG), width of the ship and the length of the ship etc. In the second part, the study defines the selected ship domain and the near collision criterion with the real time AIS data set extracted from the U.S coastal area. Application of the ship domain and near collision criterion requires the handle large volume of AIS data in this study AIS data of a one coastal zone in a month consisted with approximately 25 million of data records. This study suggests R based methodology to handle the AIS data using the ‘Lazy Evaluation’ concept. And in the final part of the study generates and interpret the descriptive statistics of the identified near collision situations and also evaluates several data mining in detecting the near collisions with the defined criterion. Study summarises the results of the evaluation with the accuracy levels given by each data mining method. Keywords Ship-to-ship collision, Automatic Identification System (AIS), Ship domain, near collision, Speed over Ground (SOG), Course over Ground (COG), lazy evaluation, data mining
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/4027
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