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Title: Defense In-depth security framework for Netflix OSS Micro Services
Authors: Walpita, P.A.
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Micro Services architectural pattern has emerged in recent years mainly because of its capabilities to handle high data volumes in a robust manner. The perceptions like Dev Ops and Domain Driven Design also helped to develop this architectural pattern in to its current heights. Many enterprise systems which has large amount of transactional data volumes adopting Microservices architecture because of many enablers it provides. The Security of Microservices considered as utmost important feature because of the security threats escalated in recent years. The threats that are targeting Microservices eco system can be categorised as external and internal threats. Many industrial level Microservice implementations taken precautions about protecting the Microservices eco system from external attacks. The security measurements that are taken to protect a Microservice eco system from internal attacks are also an important aspect if the internally communicating data are sensitive in nature. Internal threats can be identified as vulnerabilities which can be exploit by an adversary internal to the organization. Netflix is one of the early adopters of Microservices architectural pattern and the Netflix OSS emanates as an open source platform with a practical Micro Services success story. This Paper discusses about hardening the Internal service calls of the Netflix OSS Microservices and discusses the possibilities of eliminating vulnerabilities within the internal perimeter. The measurements that are taken to protect internal microservices in Netflix OSS can be adopted generally in any other Microservice eco system as well.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/4039
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