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Title: Chemistry Laboratory Management System
Authors: Thevaruban, K.
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The Eastern University of Srilanka is one of the well-established government institutions in Srilanka. But the management of this chemistry laboratory is maintained by traditional register based system about 30 years. Computerized “Chemistry Laboratory Management System” will be better option to replace with the existing traditional manual system. It will be an intranet based system as it is limited among people who deal with chemistry laboratory. Computerized system will simplify the maintenance of the activities of the chemistry laboratory. Chemistry laboratory of eastern university possess all the necessary facilities a laboratory should have. Though this laboratory boasts of its facilities it has several drawbacks such as with the existing traditional system maintaining the chemistry laboratory is a difficult task. Because all the activities and entries related to the laboratory are maintained with manual paper work which necessities consumptions of reams of paper and time. As all activities are recorded in paper it takes more time when practical details are recalled. Date of expiry and minimum required amount of chemicals are not maintained. Apart from this the laboratory does not maintain any monthly or annual chemical stock details, thereby leading to sudden cancellations of practical sessions, when these chemicals are out of stock. This situation is identified by me and I proposed to develop a computerized database system covering main functionalities with an option to allow future expansion in future. The computerized “Chemistry Laboratory Management System” will solve all the problems above. Any authorized user can easily manage and access the system. The system is ameliorated using apache web server as the server environment, PHP as the development language and MYSQL as the database management system to provide a low cost efficient solution for the client. Supporting system is developed with PHP, CSS. In order to use the system efficiently smooth simple user interfaces and functionalities are used. “Chemistry Laboratory Management System” provides accurate and up-to-date information regarding the remaining and consumed quantities of chemicals and other laboratory accessories. System generates detailed report (daily, monthly and annual) to the main administrator regarding practical and research sessions. System provides breakage details of a student and easy access of information regarding the chemicals available in the laboratory. The system facilitates stock management by providing a notification alert to the administrator and thereby enabling stock to be purchased in time. I hope that this project is going to change their management of chemistry laboratory into a significant success level.
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